Learn how to create delicious confectionery

Something Sweet is a brand new magazine that shows you how to make delicious homemade confectionery.

Each week, this inspiring new collection brings you step-by-step guides, tempting recipes and expert tips for creating professional-looking chocolates, impressive mini cakes and delicious sweet treats to share with your friends and family.

something sweet

Something Sweet

Learn how to create delicious sweets, chocolates and confectionery

Something Sweet is definitely confectionery making made simple! My new years resolution was to learn a new skill for 2014, and I have definitely achieved that with my Something Sweet collection. I can now make so many tasty treats, from classic fudge to lemon drops. One of their great features is showing how to present your sweet makes as gifts to friends and family - giving my creations as gifts adds that personal touch to those with a sweet tooth!

Claire Thomas, Devon

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